What I can claim is being an imperfect human who loves a good pastry and grooving hard on a dance floor. A woman who likes to play piano, ski, surf, move, and feel things in the world.

In my dreams, I am a ballet dancer who also performs as a concert pianist. When I am not performing, I am on a mountain somewhere in the world because I am a water sign (Cancer) and it seems that having a solid, non-fluid foundation is important for me.

Currently, I live in Austria, but I’ve traveled and lived in many other places in the world. Some of my favorite being the mountains of British Columbia, Argentina, and Iceland, and the oceans of California, New Zealand, and Indonesia.


Image Credit: Jakob Reisinger


11 thoughts

  1. You disappeared from the blog world awhile ago. Now you have resurfaced..interesting travels, countries and experiences…the Afghan post very interesting. Why the disappearance?

    1. Hello Kieran! Yes, I did disappear from the blog world and now I am back. At the same time I have appeared back in the blog world, I have removed myself from social media for a few months. This process of ebb and flow in these realms is important, as I strongly believe that too much time in Cyberspace leads to ideological isolation. It is important to take breaks from the Internet and its different platforms to allow the mind an opportunity to get back to its own processes. When bombarded with telling stories and seeing stories from others through the Internet, it is just too easy to find yourself not thinking outside of the confines of that world. If I am not blogging or scrolling social media I find myself having the time, energy, and consciousness about the small things happening in the world around me. If I was on social media, maybe I would have missed the conversation with the Afghan refugees because the journal wouldn’t have been a topic to start our conversation. I would have been just another person on the train scrolling Instagram.Thanks for taking interest in the stories and reasons I am telling them here.

  2. Well said, I understand the need and desire to experience….I suspect you will doing some skiing when the snow arrives. Enjoy your posts and observations, another unbiased set of eyes and ears on the world….All the best..

  3. Hello,
    Of the books you posted which did you enjoy the most? Which was the last one you read? Has the snow come to your cabin in Austria. The east coast is warm and without snow even in most New England ski areas… Maybe some at Sugarloaf….Maine..the west full of much needed snow!

  4. Just closed the night listening to Tracks to Stayed Tuned…..well done! That alone is a major gem in your blog site….oh yeah!

  5. What mountains are in the photos from Kry….did you stay in a yurt or local home….do the locals ski themselves??

  6. How did you travel to Kyr….by plane , train or drive?? Just you and a girlfriend judging by photos…what language do they speak? Trouble communicating?

  7. What are the most important “things” “ideas” “truths” or “realizations” about living or life in general that you have come to learn in your most recent travels?? Would you tell me about them?

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